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Hi there, we’re drainage central. Our online store is home to a huge selection of Brett Martin rainwater products. We set up this site is to provide you with an additional more in depth info source, helping you to choose the best guttering products for your home or business.

Your Guttering Questions Answered

How Does Guttering Work?

When your guttering system is functioning properly, it simply channels excess rainwater that falls from your roof, into a rainwater gully. The gully is usually directly connected to an underground drainage pipe.
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Why is Guttering Important?

So, now you know how guttering works, you may be questioning the point of it. Does rainwater really need to go on such a journey? What would happen if we simply just let it roll of the roof naturally? Well, the short answer is, a lot. First of all, the rainwater would collect in any dip or slope at the base of the building. Over time the water would soak into the foundation and erode the building material, any problems with the foundation can then lead to a whole other spectrum of issues. Flooding would also be an issue. Improper drainage can cause water to channel where we don’t want it. We’re talking about cellar spaces, ground floors and attics, yikes! So now that the scary stuff is out of the way, what other problems may we see without a good working guttering system? Staining can be a problem, if water can’t channel through the downspouts as it should, you may see water runoff trickling down walls or windows, causing some unsightly cosmetic damage too.

Why is My Guttering Overflowing?

If your guttering is overflowing, it’s a problem that needs to be tended to as soon as possible. If you continue to let it overflow, you may start to see the first signs of some major problems such as those mentioned above. To treat an overflowing gutter, first of all it’s important to check for blockages. Downspout blockages are usually the cause of overflowing guttering. Leaves, dirt and debris can collect in the gutters and create blockages which prevent rainwater from flowing through properly, causing it to spill over the sides instead. One way to prevent gutter blockages is to clean gutters at least once a year. There are also various styles of gutter protection available. Gutter protection comes in various styles, and works by trapping leaves and other debris, while still allowing water to pass through.
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